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Bibliographic record number: 497580


Authors: Novaković, Dragoljub; Dedijer, Sandra; Mahović Poljaček Sanja
Title: A Model for Improving the Flexographic Printing Plate Making Process
Source: Tehnički vjesnik : znanstveno-stručni časopis tehničkih fakulteta Sveučilišta u Osijeku (1330-3651) 17 (2010), 4; 403-410
Paper type: article
Keywords: : flexographic printing plates; quality; thermal development process Original scientific paper
Thermal development process of photopolymer printing plates is one of the newest technologies in the flexographic reproduction process. It is solely based on mechanical process and thus enables the elimination of the chemical processing and drying phase from the plate making process. Taking into account that chemical processing is one of the critical problems in standardization of the plate making process, thermal development process should ensure greater quality and stability in the plate making process. This paper evaluates the specific conditions in the plate making procedure based on thermal development. Testing of the back and main exposure duration of the photopolymer plates, as well as duration of the thermal development, were the objects of this research. The thickness and hardness, as well as SEM analysis of the printing plates were performed. Characterization of the produced plates was made and new model for improving the production line of the observed flexographic plates was defined.
Project / theme: 128-1281957-1958, 128-1201785-2228
Original language: ENG
Citation databases: Scopus
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Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Graphic technology
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Google Scholar: A Model for Improving the Flexographic Printing Plate Making Process
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