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Bibliographic record number: 716814


Author: Ajduković, Dora
Title: Modification and personalization of a 3D scanned model
Type: graduate thesis
Faculty: Grafički fakultet
University: Sveučilište u Zagrebu
Location: Zagreb
Date: 23.09.
Year: 2014
Page: 52
Mentor: Mandić, Lidija
Keywords: 3D scanning; 3D modeling; 3D printing
3D scanning is a technology that analyzes real object or environment and collects data about shape and eventual appearance of the scanned field. Gathered data can then be used for constructing a 3D model, and its wide field of application. 3D scanning is a new technology that saves time and makes production process easier in many fields, from design to production. The wide application of 3D scanning makes this topic appealing, because among a lot of advantages of this technology, there are some shortcomings and unexplored possibilities. 3D scanning has greatly developed in the last decade, that development is ongoing and leaves a lot of space for exploring. Along with 3D scanning, other 3D technologies are developing rapidly and reverse engineering is gaining ground. Combining 3D applications such as 3D scanning, 3D modeling and production (e.g. 3D printing) is becoming an everyday thing. Focus of this diploma thesis is ultimate personalization of scanned 3D model, modifying it according to human face. In this case, the object is frame for glasses that is entirely adjusted to the previously scanned face. Optical optimal measurements are also taken into consideration for producing a functional frame. Also, this kind of a model can be subdued to different modifications on the field of design in PowerSHAPE CAD software. As a final result, a prototype of new, personalized model of glasses frame is produced.
Project / theme: 128-1281957-1958
Original language: ENG
Research fields:
Graphic technology
Contrib. to CROSBI by: Lidija Mandić (, 24. Ruj. 2014. u 09:43 sati

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