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Autor: Pasarić, Maja
Naslov: Gothic as a genre in popular music
Vrsta: magistarski rad
Fakultet: Central European University
Sveučilište: Central European University
Mjesto: Budimpešta
Datum: 08.06.
Godina: 2003
Stranica: 70
Mentor: Lukić, Jasmina
Ključne riječi: gothic; popular music; gothic metal; gender
The thesis “Gothic as a genre in popular music” investigates the presence of the Gothic in a subcultural phenomenon known as gothic metal. The very nature of the Gothic is inquired on the example of one particular subcultural phenomenon which highlights the transgressive character of the Gothic genre as well as its ambivalent and excessive nature. It is particularly interested to see how gothic metal genre operates with the images of masculinity and femininity and their representation throughout different levels of genre’s manifestation. The position of gothic metal genre is further explored in relation to heavy metal and the wider realm of rock industry where it is also argued that gothic metal reveals a strong European identity.
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Etnologija i antropologija
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